Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh

Polices & Objects :

Creating an environment for sustainable growth in real estate business in Bangladesh is based on customer satisfaction, technological adaptability, environmental sensitivity, social awareness, and ethical business practices, for achieving a prosperous Bangladesh.

REHAB is the only trade organization who work for the real estate developers. All major institutionalized developers are members of this organization. REHAB is the “A Class” member of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI). In the recent years, REHAB has played a very significant role in nation building through real estate development by the members of REHAB, contributing revenue to the Government exchequer in terms of Registration Cost, Income Tax and Utility Service Charges, and much more.

To promote and protect the collective rights and interests of its members and assist them to fulfill their role as responsible real estate developers, REHAB thus enable them to operate efficiently, professionally, ethically, and profitably.

REHAB aims to fulfill its goals and bring a positive change in the real estate scenario of Bangladesh. REHAB is working:

  1. To promote and foster the idea of amity, trust, cooperation, and mutual help amongst themembers engaged in real estate development and housing industry in Bangladesh.
  2. To watch over, protect, and safeguard commercial and industrial interests of the members engaged in real estate development and housing industry.
  3. To play an active role in formulation of Acts, Rules and Polices, from time to time, in collaboration with the government and other stake holders with a view to achieve healthy growth of the real estate and housing industry.
  4. To provide a collective platform for promotion of products and services of the members by organizing real estate and housing fairs, both at home and abroad.
  5. To provide a forum for out-of-court settlement of disputes between the members and clients as part of customer service functions of the Association.
  6. To provide a forum for research, study, and discussion on issues relating to real estate and housing industry and dissemination of relevant information with a view to enhancing education and awareness among members, professionals, policy-makers, and general public.
  7. To promote, advance, and help commercial and technical education on different branches of Art, Commerce, and Science, which may lead to develop professionalism on real estate and housing sector of Bangladesh.
  8. To participate in social development and charitable activities as part of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Association.